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Bitch ~ noun \’bich\
Bitch Haters Definition: A person, stereotypically a woman, who allows their spontaneous unconstructive actions to propel their interactions with others. These interactions often result in an unpleasurable outcome or experience for others.

Bitch Society Definition:
A group of people that are critical of others (you know…stupid people), abrasive to those deserving, and most of all…NARCISSISTIC.
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Fun Bitch Facts
Or at least it's funny stuff we made up 🙂


Bitches will spill their drink on someone tonight
…and blame it on the bitch that they spilled it on.


Are arguing with their partner right now
Just agree with the bitch and say you’re sorry already!


Bitch has said I’m sorry…the rest of them said YOU ARE SORRY
That’s just what bitches do!